Speaking of Jay Reatard, he and the crew just busted out a new video a while ago for “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me”. It’s filled with little kids and wet shirts and grown men, among other things. And, it’s another Reatard video where Jay gets wheeled around in a wheel barrow. We’ve been on video shoots before and know they can be kind of tiring, but come on Jay, you’re the star! The video’s also for the radio version of the song [notice the censorings and they drop the keyboards around the 2:40 mark]. Check it out…

Jay and the boys have a bunch of dates coming up, check it out here. They’ve also got a little Shattered Records tour lined up soon with Useless Eaters, Nobunny, Box Elders, and Hunx and His Punx. More on that later though.

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