Remember a little while ago when we were talking about our buddies The Beets? Well, they’re coming to town! In the flesh and blood! THE BEETS LIVE IN YOUR CITY! They’re hitting Nashville on their way back home from a westward-bound-tour with Vivian Girls [check here for the dates]. So mark you calendars for Sunday September 20th and get your party pants ready. The last time they rolled through town at the Gingerbread House [RIP] was a ball, and we’re betting that this time around won’t be too different. Except maybe it’ll be better since they’ll have their full lineup this time. Here’s some goodies to get you going…


THE BEETS/JUAN WAUTERS/WALK ON YOUR TOES from matthew volz on Vimeo.


They’re bringing along some friends with them, too. Brooklyn’s Air Waves are roading-out with the boys for a few dates on the way back home and Nashville’s included in that. They had a lineup change a few months ago, but from what we can tell the band is just as good, if not better, than before. They make the sweetest pop songs that make us wish we had girlfriends so we could lay around and listen to them and be like teenagers in the movies. Click below to listen to their hit “Shine On”

Air Waves – Shine On (mp3)

Venue for the show is still being figured out, but here is the bill as of today:

:: The Beets <---- Jackson Heights, NY glue fiends :::: Air Waves <---- Brooklyn, NY :::::: Natural Child

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