So we’re exactly one month away from the kickoff of this year’s GonerFest in Memphis, and we wanted to highlight a couple of bands that we highly suggest checking out and keeping an eye on. I mean, we like most every band playing the festival this year, but still, check these babies out…


Woven Bones hail from Austin, TX and are one of those bands that seems to be doing everything right. Most of their music is like pop songs drenched in white noise and then covered with ghosts. But really rock and roll – punk ghosts. Seriously. And they’ve definitely caught the eyes/ears of quite a few people: going on tour soon with our faves The Spits, putting out 7″s on Needless/HoZac/Sweet Rot, and doing a split with Jacuzzi Boys. Plus, the artwork for their releases is so aesthetically pleasing [that picture up there is the cover for their Janie 7″]. Mmmmm… Anyways, check out this video and a couple tracks from the boys and then you’ll understand.

woven bones | yr sorcery from oswald james on Vimeo.

Woven Bones – Janie (mp3)
Woven Bones – Your Sorcery (mp3)


These guys rule. We wish every band from France were this good. The first time through Yussuf Jerusalem’s LP A Heart Full of Sorrow [out now on Florida’s Dying], you’d never think that all those tracks came from the same band. One track can be a fuzzy peach-pop song and then the next is a Roky Erikson-esque jam. Either way, these boys know their way around the gamut. They know how to play the mystery game, too, and seem kind of obsessed with cave-dwelling, black-hooded jihadists. Atleast the art makes us think that. Click below to give your ears a little taste.

Yussuf Jeruslaem – We Ain’t Coming Back (mp3)

Yussuf Jerusalem – With You in Mind (mp3)

We’ve heard a little rumor around town that these two bands might make their way through our fair city leading up to Goner this year. We really hope so. We’ll let you know if/when that hearsay becomes fact or fiction.

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