Bad Sports

Last night’s show! It went gangbusters! Those boys at The Glenn Danzig House have really done a number on that place and made it one of our new favorite spots for shows. They run a pretty tight ship, too. They said the show would start around 8:30 and end around 11:00…. Heavy Cream wrapped up right around 11:00. Imagine that. A showspace that says 8:00 and means 8:00? Everyone can get down with a little bit of reliability.

The show opened up with Natural Child, who just keep getting better and better. They started off with “Guns and Rosebeds” and the hits kept flowing from there. Our particular favorites were the songs about a train-punk named Dogbite and the one about doing crack. Don’t do crack. We really don’t see any sign of these rock and rollers slowing down anytime soon. At least, we don’t want them to. They’re playing a couple more shows this week so go out and peep that shit: Thursday at Garage 308 with Useless Eaters and Saturday with Velvet Davenport.

Up next were Cannomen (is it “The Cannomen” or just “Cannomen”?) The supergroup, comprised of members of Life Trap, Murdock, Kintaro, and Hollywood, has really taken Nashville by storm in the last few months. It’s pretty easy to see why, too. Their live show is a whirlwind of fast punk songs that don’t let up for a second. Seriously. They played a 20-minute set and we weren’t able to blink for fear of missing anything. They’re playing that Useless Eaters show too, so go check them out. And definitely be sure to go to the Life Trap show this Friday.
Third on the bill were our Denton, TX faves Bad Sports. Man. We were not ready for that. Seriously. Not ready. I mean, we did not expect them to be that good. Don’t get us wrong, we we’re expecting them to be really badass, but not like that. They were definitely the highlight of the night and we think most anyone there would agree with that. If they don’t, it’s probably because they’re lying or because of some personal vendetta but whatever. Trust us. They killed their set and if they come to your town or if they come back here, do yourself a favor and go. Check out the rest of their dates and pick up their 7″ here.
Closing out the night was Heavy Cream. They’re so dreamy. They played all their #1 top-of-the-charts singles [Lava Lamp, Tina, Stiff Lick, etc.] along with a couple covers [School Days, Stab Your Back], and, as always, the ladies ruled. The last few times we’ve seen them they’ve been really tight with their tunes and last night was no exception. It looks like after this weekend they’re taking a well-deserved little break, so be sure to check them out on the 22nd at the Asphalt Beach Skate Shop.
All around great show, we can’t wait to see what Glenn Danzig’s got in store for us next time. Here are some more pictures from the show by our baby-bopper-hunny Bekah Cope:

Bad Sports


Natural Child

Heavy Cream

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