Next Monday brings our burgeoning city something that we’re so renowned for: real country music. For the last good long while, we’ve been infiltrated with fake glam country and it makes us want to vomit. Where is the twang? Where are the booze-hound, womanizing cowboys with big hearts [not that we like womanizing or anything]? It’ll be at The Springwater on August 24th when Brooklyn’s The Weight come to town. Most of these fellas hail from Atlanta, GA; so when you hear the southern drawl don’t automatically assume it to be a fake. They play the kind of country music that makes you want to crack open a couple Bud-heavys and kick back on the porch and yell at your neighbors. In other words, the good kind of country that we’ve been missing. The Weight have a record out on Colonel/TeePee Records. Pick it up and love it and we’ll see you at the Springwater. Check out their myspace and an episode of them on VBS’s Practice Space below.

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