Ladies, we’re very sorry. We have been really busy lately doing some writing and some booking and some thinking and some partying and some missing, so we don’t have time to do our weekly “Rundown” today. But soon. Truthly. In the meantime, we will tell you that you DO NOT want to miss out on tomorrow night’s show at Glenn Danzig’s House that we have told you all about plenty of times.

In other news, one of our photographers has left for bigger and better things. China. Yeah, Al Waid left this past Sunday to go to NYC for a bit and then will be on her way to China. We’ll miss her and her photos alot, but she’ll be back in a short… 14 months. As we go on, we remember all the times we had together (all photos courtesy of Allison Waid):

JEFF the Brotherhood

Joey / JEFF the Brotherhood

Heavy Cream

Natural Child

Baby Baby, Dayum

Thanks babe. You are a real lady for sure and we’ll see you soon! Thanks for the pics and the memories.
That being said, we have gotten ourselves a new photographer. We’ll talk about that later. And, what the hell, do you want to shoot for us? We won’t pay you, but you might get a back-rub or a slice of pizza or something. Shoot an email to nashvillesdead@gmail.com with a couple submissions and a little about yourself and we’ll get in touch with you.
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  1. Al Waid says:

    i LOVE YOU and miss you already. Thank you for the looovvveee from afar!

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