Aside from the shows coming up in the next couple weeks, there are a bunch of things we’re excited for. So it’s time to fill up our super-stokers and give you babes a good drenching.

::: The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Wes Anderson’s new flick. To be honest, we think the movie looks kind of whatever, but that weird stop-motion animation technique is too fun to watch. He pretty much never disappoints, so you can bet we’ll be at the theaters over Thanksgiving. For your viewing pleasure:

*** OK, after watching it a few times we’re changing our mind. The movie looks really good.***

:::: A Serious Man
The latest gem from those Coen brothers. A lot of people gave them flack for Burn After Reading, but we don’t really know why since there’s nothing not to like about Brad Pitt dancing and chewing gum all the time. Anyways…

:::: The Almighty Defenders
Black Lips + King Khan & BBQ = sure shot. Trust us, we’ve heard it. Here’s a couple mp3s to prove it, but you should really just trust us on these things. Black Lips hit Nashville Oct. 29th at Mercy Lounge.

Almighty Defenders – Bow Down & Die (mp3)
Almighty Defenders – Cone of Light (mp3)

:::: Cheap Time
Jeffrey Novak and crew are working on the new record and are maybe might be touring with Yo La Tengo later this year [edit: definitely touring with Yo La Tengo]. Don’t know for sure yet, but it sounds good to us. If we’re lucky, they might even play a few Nashville stints in preparation for the new album/tour. Wouldn’t that be nice?

:::: Goner Fest 2009
One of our favorite festivals each year. 50 bones for some of the best music going on in a city filled with BBQ? Duh. Takes place this year from September 24 – 26 and features such acts as Useless Eaters, The Clean, Reatards, Cheater Slicks, and Yussuf Jerusalem. Check out the full lineup and buy tickets here.

:::: And finally, THIS has really got our lady wet. Thanks guys.


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