We really love these guys. We brought them through on their way back to Jackson Heights right after SXSW with Real Estate last spring at The Gingerbread House (RIP) That was also the first Denney & the Jets show and one of the few EMP shows. Since then, our favorites have teamed up with Captured Tracks to put out this 7″. The artwork, done by good friend Matt Volz, is worth the money alone. We’ll talk about him some other time because he’s definitely worth more than just a footnote. But back to the 7″; it rules. Juan, Jacob, and Jose know exactly what we like: catchy riffs, chuggy bass-lines, and indiscernible lyrics. If you’re into that sort of thing, we suggest checking it out. Even if you’re not, you should check it out.

The Beets – Don’t Fit In My Head (mp3)

The Beets head out on tour with Vivian Girls in a couple weeks. They’re not stopping in Nashville on their way out west, but we’re working on getting them to stop through on their way back home. Check out the dates here.
Pick up the 7″ or debut LP here.

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