Check out who made the cover of this month’s VICE. Our good buddy Dash (SACE, IRAK) passed away a couple weeks ago on July 13th from an overdose. We always enjoyed hanging out with him, getting rowdy in the city. And his photographs are some of our favorites, he knows how to really capture a humor and sincerity that most photographers these days can’t come close to. And we’re still no where near used to him not being around. He was only 27 years-old when he died, but he lived more of a life than four 80 year-old dudes put together. Here are a couple of our favorite Dash photos:

Our baby boy Ryan McGinley wrote a real nice piece about Dash here.

See you soon babe. Miss you all the time.

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  1. JOSHearon says:

    wow I didn't know about this, Dash Snow was great. A lot of photographers that shoot things in the nature of Dash don't really capture a conscientious life style and are sometimes artless because of that. You just know he was truely in the mix of all the weird sex and drugs and sometimes violence not just someone observing.

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