Anybody remember the Precinct? It was that little converted office building near Greer Stadium and the Fairgrounds that had some shows a while back. If you don’t remember, don’t worry, because it kinda sucked. BUT NOT ANYMORE. It’s been reborn as Glenn Danzig’s House, and the first show happening there takes place on Tuesday August 18th. It’s a killer line-up too. Nashy Dead favorites Heavy Cream, Cannomen, and Natural Child are local support for touring Denton band Bad Sports (who you know we love). The mayhem starts at 8PM and only costs $5. Pretty much all the information you need is on that flyer up there, which totally rules and was made by Josh Shearon. SEE YOU THERE!
Tuesday August 18
:: Bad Sports <------ Denton, TX
:::: Cannomen
:::::: Heavy Cream
:::::::: Natural Child
@ Glenn Danzig’s House (513 Southgate Ave)
$5 – All Ages – 8PM
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