That is what we’re going to look like just about every night next week. Next Tuesday brings us a couple things to really look forward to: 1. Denton bad boys Bad Sports are coming to town 2. The first Glenn Danzig’s House show. Denton’s churning out some of the best bands around right now (Bleach Boys, Wiccans, Video, etc) and look for the compilation featuring some of them on Denton Denton USA! on Play Pinball Records, including a track from Bad Sports. The band is comprised of Wax Museums‘ TV’s Daniel (also in The Wrists, Pumpers, and directs a ton of rad videos) and Orville and Greg. They play tight, fast, catchy tunes.. think: The Who meets T Rex meets some snot. And after putting out a couple 7″s they’ve decided to take their show on the road and we couldn’t be more stoked that they’ve made Nashville one of their stopping points. Here’s a video for their song “All the Time” directed by TV’s Daniel.

You can pick up Bad Sports 7″s here & here or maybe at the show next week.
Then Thursday brings Memphis-ians Useless Eaters to town. They stopped by at Little Hamilton not too long ago and those that were there can tell you it was a great show. Seth and his rabble rousers have really got their game together and it seems like it won’t be much longer before they finally get some vinyl out. Until then, we’ll have to make due with their live show, which is nothing to complain about. Here’s a video of them performing at their hometown Hi-Tone.

There’s a whole slew of other things going on aside from these next week (including maybe a Life Trap show????) Whatever. YEAH!
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