We don’t really know too much about how this whole thing came to be, but we’re pretty stoked regardless. Geoff Smith (Karoshi) is apparently the man responsible for putting it all together, but we couldn’t get a hold of him to talk about it. If we had, we probably would have asked him some good questions and he would have given some excellent answers. Trust us on that one. It all goes down in a little under an hour at Little Hamilton, and you’re a real sucker if you miss out on this.

Friday August 7
Day 1 of TESLA DEATHRAY FEST (a local extravaganza!)
:: Stuck Lucky
:::: Karoshi
:::::: Marj!
:::::::: Heavy Cream
:::::::::: Natural Child
:::::::::::: Dolcim
::::::::::::: Sacaea
::::::::::::::: Fragments of God
::::::::::::::::: Sasquatch
:::::::::::::::::: Empires
:::::::::::::::::::: SOUND TRIBE SECTOR CY (just added – DO NOT MISS)
@ Little Hamilton
$5 – All Ages – 6PM
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