Hey Everyone!

There’s some supersweet stuff going down tonight (August 4th) at the Greenwomb, Nashville’s premiere showspace for all your avant-garde/crazy stuff/harsh noise needs.
Here’s who’s playing:
Russian Tsarlag (Providence)
Don’t know much about this group, but apparently it’s a Brian Wilson-inspired performance art poetry thing by a cool guy named Carlos. Sounds interesting.
Superior Human Vomit aka SHV (Providence)
It’s been described as glitchy, beep-boop cyber punk. Well we like to cyber, and we like punk, so this band must be awesome.

Noisy no wave we stole from Tampa a while back. If we’re not mistaken, one of the members is also a part of MLU, another Florida transplant.
Forrest Bride
Chill ambient band with woodwinds! According to an unnamed and unreliable source, this group may or may not be associated with the now defunct TAG art gallery, and any friend of Jerry Dale is a friend of ours.

Be there

:: Russian Tsarlag
:::: Superior Human Vomit
:::::: Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples
:::::::: Forrest Bride
@ The Greenwomb (1030 40th Ave N.)
$TBA – All Ages – 10PM

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