For a band that’s been around since 2006 and only put out a handful of singles and a full-length, Davila 666 seem to have caught the ear of all the right people. It’s easy to see why and hear why because their music is so instantly pleasing and their live show is, to say the least, stellar. They’ve drawn lots of comparison to our friends Black Lips, but we’re not too sure how much we agree with that comparison. Maybe more of a Spanish Dead Boys making sincere pop songs? Nevertheless, it’s flattering. And its really good. A very high percentage of Davila’s fans in the states don’t understand the lyrics to their songs, but that language barrier hardly matters because the music speaks enough. Just about every song on their self-titled debut chugs along with catchy, Spanish-filled choruses, and what more could you ask for? You want a song with jangly guitars and hand-claps instead of drums? OK, they do that too.

I caught them earlier this winter in Brooklyn at Don Pedro’s and the show was a spliffs-and-riffs sweat bath. The 5 Davilas packed themselves in and proved that better things come from Puerto Rico than Jennifer Lopez and those flags that people like to put in the back windows of their cars. I’m sure it won’t be any different when they grace the Springwater this Friday. Locals JEFF, Turbo Fruits, Heavy Cream, and Natural Child round out the bill; which, on its own night, is a great show. So having Davila 666 top that off means you don’t have to go workout on Friday because you’ll dance all the pounds off that night. Really guys, don’t miss this Puerto Rican powerhouse.

Friday July 31, 2009
:: Davila 666
:::: JEFF the Brotherhood
:::::: Turbo Fruits
:::::::: Heavy Cream
:::::::::: Natural Child
@ Springwater – 21+

Davila 666 – Pingorocha Y La Diva Rockera (mp3)
Davila 666 are currently on In The Red Records. You can pick up their debut here. Or you can pick up their Douchemaster single or their new Hozac single.
Davila 666 is on tour now through September. Check their myspace for dates.

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