There are a couple new showspaces that seem to be popping up in the area. One is called “Garage 305” (seen it listed at Garage 308 sometimes though) or something. It used to be Club 24/8 and now books some pretty awful shows, but Natural Child and Velvet Davenport are playing there in August so maybe it’s not so bad? It’s listed as an all ages venue and the shows seem to be really cheap, and we’re never ones to knock that kind of stuff. GARAGE 305 HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN. SORRY, MAMI.

Another space starting to have some shows is 2114 Elliott Ave. It’s right around the Zanie’s area and is a pretty great space. That’s where the Cannomen and some others are playing this Saturday. Go by and check it out then.

And apparently the old Precinct on the corner of Allison & Southgate is under new jurisdiction. The boys taking over there should utilize that space because it’s pretty rad. Hopefully, that house that hosted the Spanish Candles/Sound Tribe Sector Cy/Natural Child show last weekend will keep putting on. First basement we’ve been in with 20 ft. ceilings in a long time. Probably ever.

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