Scenic Boston: home to some OG punx, host to some OG rockers, and producer of some of the finest dancey no wave music around today. We’re talking about Guerilla Toss of course. They first got our attention with last year’s Gay Disco LP, but they really won our hearts with their show at the Other Basement shortly thereafter. Now they’ve got a cassette coming out with local buds Infinity Cat, and they’re playing in town again tomorrow night. THAT’S what we call a hard working band.

The cassette is the second installment in the series of releases curated by our boy Casey Weissbuch, and it comes out July 15th. You can stream the single from it, “367 Equalizer,” below, or you could go hear it live at the Stone Fox tomorrow where they will play with D. Watusi and Gnarwhal. Peep the flyer and all the details for that after the jump. Woosh!

guerilla toss

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