Poster by Aaron Tupts

Like we mentioned in The Rundown just a minute ago – there’s a big party going down tonight at Marathon Music Works. Originally slated to go down at The Zombie Shop, Diamond Rugs have since moved their show over to MMW and added one million bands to the bill. And the best part is that they’re good bands! Turbo Fruits, Ranch Ghost, Denney & The Jets, and James Wallace & The Naked Light will all be in tow for support and we’ll be spinning records on the side. We’re excited to have the guys in town and also excited to catch both Turbo Fruits and Denney & The Jets after they’ve been out of town on tours for a little while. Local bands are in-and-out so often and regularly these days that it’s nice to catch just about anyone on the same bill. They held a poster design contest and that one up there was the winning submission, so get your print of it at the show. We submitted a poster, but they weren’t too keen on it [you can check it out after the click] Anyway – see you party dogs tonight…

:: Diamond Rugs
:::: Turbo Fruits
:::::: Ranch Ghost
:::::::: Denney & The Jets
:::::::::: James Wallace & The Naked Light
@ Marathon Music Works
$15 – 18+ – 8PM

:c why you no likey?

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