It’s a Friday and we’ve already packed up and out for the weekend [making our way over to Bristol early for the JtB/Apache/Mumford/JTE show] but there are definitely some worthwhile options for you tonight. Like the flyer up there says – there’s a nice party going down at Noa Noa with Home Blitz, Dirty Dreams, Mom & Dad, and Fox Fun. That one runs on the cheaper side. The other show is happening over at Exit/In with The Black Angels, Night Beats, and The Paperhead. That one’s a little more spensy and psychy. It’s your call – there are no wrong answers [except maybe doing neither and staying in for the night] We have been passed a message from the kind folk at Noa Noa that all attendees please watch your trash and keep the party in the backyard – not in the street. If you’ve ever been in that backyard we’re not sure why you’d rather spend time in the street anyway. Friday nite feelin’ right go out and party…

:: Home Blitz
:::: Fox Fun
:::::: Dirty Dreams
:::::::: Mom & Dad
@ Noa Noa
$3-5 – All Ages – 8PM


:: The Black Angels
:::: Night Beats
:::::: The Paperhead
@ Exit/In
$15 – 18+ – 8PM

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