Photo by Bekah Cope

Earlier this year we got a nice visit from Timmy Vulgar and the Organism crew when they rolled through town for Cheap Time’s record release show at Zombie Shop. It was a pretty killer show. They played mostly new material from their upcoming record – Raw Sewage Roq – which will see release from In The Red this July 17th. If you head over to the Midheaven site, you can check previews for all 10 tracks on the album. From the looks and sounds of things, we’re in for one another one of Timmy’s solid gold efforts. Don’t let this fool you into thinking Timmy hasn’t been busy with his other project – Human Eye – though. In a recent interview, Timmy talked about how mixing is almost finished on an entire new record [the follow-up to last year’s incredible They Came From The Sky] Busy dude. You can order the record right now from ITR if you want, or just wait until the official release date. Check out a video of them playing the track “Bouncing Boobies” at this year’s Atlanta Mess-Around…

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