Photo by Bekah Cope

It’s here! Finally! And what a bargain – pick up the new William Tyler single for a simple $5 and you’ll get 13+ minutes on one of our proudest releases to-date. William is very easily one of the nicest people we’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and being around. Ask anyone in Nashville and they will tell you just the same. From playing with the likes of Silver Jews and Lambchop to doing his solo works or playing with a multitude of other bands – William is also one of the most talented pickers around here. We think this new 7″ just furthers that and shows his ability to take material from his last record  – Behold The Spirit – and transform it into something entirely new and pummeling. The single comes housed in the standard Nashville’s Dead sleeve in a run of 500 on classic black vinyl. Head here to get it now!


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