We’re sure a lot of you have already found your way across this, but The Lost Sounds’ debut single has recently been reissued through Goner Records. The single, originally released by Italian label Solid Sex Lovie Doll in 1999, was pressed in a limited run of 200 copies [184 with the cover seen above and 16 hand-numbered copies with a “hidden identity” edition artwork] You can do that math, right? 200 singles in 1999 and now it’s 2012.. so that equals… you’ll probably not come across an original anytime soon at all. That’s why we’re sending a big “Thank You” to Goner right now. You can check out the 1st track – “Plastic Skin” – from the 4-song single below and put your order in right here. The Lost Sounds’ Blac Static comp LP was released not long ago from Fat Possum. Recommended to snag that one too if you haven’t already.

The Lost Sounds – Plastic Skin

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