With the 2012 just underway, it seems that most everyone is trying to bring in this year with a bang. The guys over at What’s Your Rupture? are prescribing to this ideal too with the recent release of the UK/D.I.Y. classic Tronics’ Shark Fucks 7″. The single was originally released by Alien Records in 1981 to a mix of reviews. We could go on and on about Zarjaz [the man behind Tronics] but the guys over at Gilded Gutter have done a pretty good job of going fully in depth with this one. Check it out. The A-side to the single comes from the album What’s The Hubbub Bub? and is available for your listening pleasure below. The B-side, “Time Off”, starts out with a nice flirting dialogue that eventually delves into a post-punk sax infused jam [you can listen to that one over at the WYR site.] It’s a sick reissue that’s definitely worth the scoop, so head on over here and snag it…

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