Photo by Bekah Cope

It’s very likely this year that we’ll have multiple Useless Eaters records in our top tens. Really doubt anyone will come close to being nearly as productive at Seth Sutton has — 4 LPs in one year, 3 singles, a couple new bands to play in [Feral Beat, Heavy Cream] and probably more. His latest album, Zulu, is out now from Euro label P Trash. It’s a prettty limited release, so get it now if you got a right mind. His even later-est album, C’est Bon, is up for pre-order right now from Southpaw Records. Believe us when we say that the title is an understatement. Check out “Daft Love” below for a taste. At this rate we’ll have to clear a whole row on our shelves just for Eaters records. That’s the kind of problem we’re stoked to have.

Useless Eaters – Daft Love by southpawrecs

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