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Don’t forget! Tonight is the night! Last time we got to see JEFF play on television was when they were on public access a couple years ago. They’ll be hitting the national airwaves tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. What song do you think they’ll play? Beastmaster 420? No. Cancer Killer? No. Noo Sixties? No. Hey Friend? Probably. Call and text your friends now to get your viewing party plans confirmed and setup the tables appropriately so you can stage dive in your living room. So proud of our Bogus Bros.

Thursday October 6
:: JEFF the Brotherhood
@ Your Television
$FREE – ALL AGES – 11:35PM

It happened! Our favorite DD666 was there! So proud and so stoked. Check out the video below…

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  1. Blonde Draper says:

    Ghost Ride Tha Whip To Berlin. Nobody wants to listen to Fallon’s interview segments anyway.

  2. Texas Pizza says:

    These tunes are gonna make it to space i can feel it.

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