We know there has been a lot of talk going around town lately concerning Glenn Danzig’s House, so we wanted to come out and clear the air and get it all out there for everyone. The show happening this Saturday [July 30th with Wax Museums, Bad Sports, Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders, D. Watusi, and The Cannomen] will be the last show to happen at the showspace. It’s been a good long two years since Glenn Danzig’s first show — which ironically started with Bad Sports — but now it’s time to close up shop and move onto something new. That’s not to say that there won’t be more house shows or that we’re going to stop booking shows or anything like that at all. It just simply means that we’re moving out. In the last long while we’ve seen houses come and go [The Acklen House, The Fun House, The Meemaw House, Dewey Decibel House, Gingerbread House, blah blah blah] and we know that things will keep progressing and moving forward. As long as we’re in bands and we’re in Nashville, there’ll be house shows and parties. Duh. We’ll miss Glenn Danzig’s House a whole lot, but such is life. The boys are working on some new stuff — but that’s something to talk about later. For now we can just remember all the shows that have happened and all the bands that have come through and all the times you’ve been pulled down from the rafters and been told to stay in the back lot and all the times you’ve gotten your kicks for cheap in a place where you and your friends can do whatever you want. Never was a show over $5 and never was someone turned away [unless they were drinking underage or tried to bring some nasty dog inside or were being a jerk] A huge thank you to anyone who has attended a show or helped promote or played here or laughed at the name or made fun of it or anything — Nashville is the best forever.

With all that said — let’s make Saturday night’s show the best one ever. We’ll have our brand new Bad Sports single available at the show and maybe some other treats. So come and hang out and get wild one last time. RIP Glenn Danzig’s House.

Saturday July 30
:: Bad Sports
:::: Wax Museums
:::::: Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders
:::::::: D. Watusi
:::::::::: The Cannomen
@ Glenn Danzig’s House
$5 – All Ages – 7PM

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