Well we’ve been hearing from bands here and there about who might be playing this year’s GonerFest but now we’ve got the whole initial lineup. As always, it’s looking to be a total party. You can check out the whole thing below, but be sure to remember that there are more bands to be added and a full schedule to come. Something else you might notice, is that this year’s GonerFest falls right on the same weekend as Nashy’s SoundLand festival [who also just announced their initial lineup] in late September [the 22nd – 25th] We’re stoked to see another strong Australian representation at this year’s GonerFest with Straight Arrows and Royal Headache and a couple others — the only Nashy representative right now is the best live band in the world Hans Condor. A few of the bands playing this year will definitely be rolling through Nashy too [Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin on Sept. 21 at Exit/In, Human Eye at The End on Sept. 22, maybe more] Go ahead and pick up tickets for this year’s festival here. We’re all Goners…


Gories (Detroit, MI)
Reverend John Wilkins (Memphis, TN)
Ty Segall (SF, CA)
OBN IIIs (Austin, TX)
Alarm Clocks (Cincinnatti, OH)
Royal Headache (Australia)
Hans Condor (Nashville, TN)
Sex Cult (Memphis, TN)
Straight Arrows (Australia)
Ryan Rousseau (Desert, Arizona)
Coasting (Brooklyn, NY)
Sharp Balloons (Memphis, TN)
Icky Boyfriends (SF, CA)
Mean Jeans (Portland, OR)
James Arthur’s Manhunt (Desert, Texas)
Midnight Snaxxx (Oakland, CA)
Harlan T Bobo’s Fuzz (Memphis, TN)
Real Numbers (Minneapolis, MN)
True Sons Of Thunder (Memphis,TN)
Missing Monuments (New Orleans, LA)
Outdoorsmen (SF, CA)
Kitchen’s Floor (Australia)
Pity Fucks (Portland, OR)
Football (Chicago, IL)
Cyclops (???)
Shirks (Washington DC)
Human Eye (Detroit, MI)
Deaf Wish (Australia)
Brides (Chicago, IL)
Black Sunday (Memphis, TN)
Jam Messengers (Hawaii / Brazil)

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