You’ve all forgotten Mika Miko. Or maybe you haven’t. Either way, they are still broken up. But two pieces of that pie have gone and started a new band called Bleached. It’s pretty sick. Sisters Jennifer and Jessie Calvin have been working out some jams over the last while out in LA and are about to release their second 7″ on Art Fag Recordings. Their first effort, Francis, came earlier this year from Ooga Booga Records [It was Ooga Booga’s debut into the record game. If they can do it like they do their shop, we’re sure they’ll be on top of it no problem] You can check out the A-side of the new single right down there for the new Carter 7″ which comes out on July 19th. It’s similar to the energy of Mika Miko but with a bubblegum-sort-of-oooh ahhh pop approach to it. You know. We love when we don’t make sense. Both of the singles were pressed out of 500. Grab the first one here, and order the second one here.

Think of You by Art Fag Recordings

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