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You might’ve missed this one earlier today, but Jay Z [yes, the rapper and only Jay Z] tweeted about our favorite bad boys – JEFF. Him and the guys at Life + Times put together a pretty syck video that you can check out down there that features lots of footage from that JEFF/King Tuff/Diarrhea Planet show that went down at The Other Basement back in March. It’s also got a lot of walking through the Infinity Cat Headquarters [also known as Jake’s house] and talking about Nashville and blah blah blah. Like most everything else the Bogus Bros do, it’s gold. We’ve been marking the days off our calendars in anticipation for We Are The Champions to officially drop [15 days!] and we’ve been blasting our clear and white tour-copies non-stop. Jake and Jamin are about to head out on the road again after playing Bonnaroo this weekend, but they’ll be back by the end of the month to play with Fucked Up at Exit/In [tickets] We’ve always said that JEFF are the best band ever, and we couldn’t be more stoked that people are finally realizing it too. Bogus Bros 4 Life. Click below to watch.

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4 responses to “THE LIFE AND TIMES”

  1. D. Watusi says:

    oh shit

  2. Fuck yeah. For real.

  3. Teenage Mary says:

    I cried a little when I saw this video. It’s beeeauuttiiifuuulllll.

  4. David Lopez Jr. says:

    Teenage Mary needs to shut her whore mouth

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