Not sure who at HoZac has a line on all the sickest French bands, but we’re not gonna complain about it. They did a single for the bad boys back in 2008 that’s been long out of print, but they just released an LP, Terd, for them towards the end of last year. We know we know… “The end of last year!? You’re slipping!” Pshhhh shut it. Subtle Turnhips hail from France and rock some pretty post-punk Swell Maps-y stylee rock and roll but also with tinges of Brainbombs or Mayyors. It’s good. We don’t think they’re heading stateside anytime soon, but some of their French-brethren are. More on that later on though. Check out a track below and download their first record for free here [It’s ok, they put it up for free there. You won’t go to Hell for that one] But also pick up Terd here.

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