We got our first taste of Moon Duo’s new full length, Mazes, today. Gotta say, shit’s sounding pretty awesome. Ripley Johnson [also from Wooden Shjips] and his gal-pal Sanae Yamada have been cranking out some pretty sick stuff over the last two years, and they just got done recording their follow-up record to last year’s Escape in Berlin. It’s a little bit of a step out from their previous releases. As far as we can tell, the new stuff is much poppier and more accessible. Which is fine by us. We’ll take just about anything these two put down. The new record is scheduled to drop at the end of March from Sacred Bones. They’ll also be doing a little tour around then, too. Hopefully we can get them to come through again in not-NBN time. Check it out baybeees… And do yourself a favor by scooping some of their other stuff.

Moon Duo- Mazes by sacredbones

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