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We know most everyone is really stoked for tonight’s show at Glenn Danzig’s House, but let’s not kid ourselves… It’s not because Liquor Store is back in town. It’s not because it’s gonna be another killer party at Danzig’s. It’s not because Natural Child and Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders are gonna play. It’s because Ben Steine’s Money is back. Ok, that’s a lie. Everyone is stoked for all the reasons we just mentioned except for the last one. According to the bad boys, this will probably be their only show this year. Good. Lucky for us, they’ll be playing last so it’ll give everyone a good reason to head out early. And if you don’t leave early, we’re sure Ben Steine’s Money will quickly drive you outta the house. Really though…

:: Ben Steine’s Money
:::: Liquor Store
:::::: Natural Child
:::::::: Cy Barkley
@ Glenn Danzig’s House
$5 – All Ages – 7PM

Ben Steine’s Money – It’s My Money [mp3]

I can’t believe we just posted that song.

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