A little earlier, we mentioned in THE RUNDOWN that we’d go into more detail about tonight’s show at Glenn Danzig’s House. We gotta do that for a couple reasons: [1] Two more bands have been added to the bill. [2] A brand new band is having their first show [3] A new single will be available for the first time. So let’s get started. Our buddies from Brooklyn, Natural Law, are coming through and found their way onto the show tonight. Don’t be bummed out about that though, they’re pretty sick. If you want a free download of their Spring Trash cassette that came out last year, go here and check it out. The other band added to the bill is Syrian Nukes Over Disneyland [you might know them better as “Every other band’s worst nightmare”] Slammers are the new kids around town, although they’re not really new to these parts at all. The band is Cy Barkley’s triumphant return to hardcore, so get stoked. The band also features Jamin Orrall [JEFF, Da Crumbz] on drums, Mimi Galbierz [Heavy Cream, Weiners] on bass and Josh Shearon [Cannomen, Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders] on guitar. It’s so gnarly. And lastly, you can finally scoop up The Cannomen’s new Sex On The Bleach 7″ that we talked about a while ago. What better way to cure your early-New Year blues? HIT IT!

:: Heavy Cream
:::: Wiccans
:::::: Natural Law
:::::::: The Cannomen
:::::::::: Slammers
:::::::::::: Syrian Nukes Over Disneyland
@ Glenn Danzig’s House
$5 – All Ages – 8PM

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