MINDLESS CONTENTMENT is a new running series here which will feature anything that’s on the mind of Seth [Useless Eater] Unlike most of the stuff on this site — it’s pretty fucking worthwhile. This first one is an interview he did with Melbourne’s UV RACE. Check it out…

UV RACE are probably one of the most authentic bands of the past decade. And it is no surprise that they come from Melbourne, Australia, which has produced some of the best groups as of recent. Their S/T LP was one of my favorite records of last year and they have an upcoming LP coming out on In The Red Records sometime next year.

Here is a brief interview with 3/6th of UV RACE:

Seth: Who is U.V. Race?

Georgia: We are a race of spirits who have come to earth from our home star the sun to inhabit some human bodies as a means to spread our gospel.

Seth: When and how did U.V. Race become a band

Marcus:  The uv race became a band in 2007. Our first gig was july the 8th 2007. Al (guitarist) and I went to high school together. High School is different in America. Our high school goes from grade 7 to 12. We were in the same class and he liked punk music. We always talked about being in a band. Then Al started the ball rolling by talking to Moses (bass) who we worked the same summer job with.  Dan also wanted to play drums in a band and he sings in a hardcore punk band with Al which have been going longer than the uv race. We didn’t jam much before we played our first gigs. Emily (old keyboarder) joined us on our third show. Georgia (sax/harmonica) then joined us about a year later I think.

Seth: What have you released
DX: All of our records are currently out of print except for the LP and some copies of the I Hate You 7”. We have released several CDrs for our tours with demo and live tracks to sell on tour but we are shitcunts at selling stuff and usually give them away.

The UV Race Demo Tape

Lego Man 7”

Eddy Current Suppression Ring split Tape

Malaria 7”

The UV Race LP

I Hate You 7”

Homo LP -> Upcoming on In The Red.

Acid Trip 7” -> Upcoming on Sweet Rot.

Seth: Who did the art for the “Lego Man” and “Knife Fight” singles?

Georgia: Alexandra Microwave of the Unholy Bong Militia tribe.

Seth: How was your recent U.S. tour and how was the music scene  different than Australia?

Marcus: Not that many people knew about us which is to be exspected. It did feel a bit strange playing to 15/20 people some nights but you can always take a positive out of a gig. In Australia you can only tour interstate on weekends. You drive to Sydney for a weekend or play. Or drive to Adelaide for a weekend and play because of the distances. In America on the east coast and mid-west the drives were not to bad as in length.

Seth: Do you plan on coming back?

Marcus: I am not sure if we will come back. Al and DX toured America with Straight-jacket Nation in May 2008 and they also played in Total Control and UV Race on this last tour. They then went to Europe and toured with Straight-jacket Nation. Thats a lot of touring.

Seth: Best Aussie bands past and present

Georgia: past: saints. deaf wish. red gum. radio bird man. scientists. go betweens. scott and charlenes weddings.

The Scientists performing “Last Night” (1980)

present: ooga boogas. twerps. paul kelley. super wild horses. hissey miyake. constant mongrel.

“Golden Town” music video from Super Wild Horses

Seth: Any last words of wisdom?

Georgia:  If ever you’re in strife ask yourself; what would Marcus do?


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