Our buddies over at VBS and Scion [Can you believe those guys gave us cars? How wild is that? Just kidding. But, hey Scion if you wanna you’re welcome to] have been working on this little documentary about garage and punk and it’s current state in America/the world/mainstream media/whatever. Typically, we’re pretty hesitant to jump on any sort of timepiece documentary based around something going on while it’s going on [sort of just comes across as like a weird news story sometimes — I don’t know] But we feel like this one is definitely worth checking out. Only Part I is available for viewing right now, but it offers lots of footage from last year’s GonerFest, lots of Jay, some Jamin crowdsurfing, some Ty in a Heavy Cream tee, some us dancing to Ty, some Blackwell with a drum on his head, and lots of other stuff… If anything, it’s the most enjoyable 26 minutes you’ll waste all day.

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