Photo by Bekah Cope

Ok, you’re gonna have to excuse us for a minute, we’re about to nerd out pretty hard on some stuff and get all excited about things. So while checking some stuffs on the Panache site, we noticed that they mention something about the Bogus Bros touring in Sept. – Nov. in support of a new album. A new album! Then we started to think of what all could be on it [I mean, feels like they play a new song everytime we see them] Here’s a little rundown of the new stuff we can think of:

Mellow Out
The Ripper
Diamond Way
Hey Friend

Now there’s no word on if any of those are going to be on the new album, but if they are — shit’s looking pretty sick and grungy. We’re stoked, and we’ll keep you posted whenever we get more info. The boys are going on tour all over this summer, and just announced they’re playing a Pool Party in Brooklyn on July 18th — See you there! Nerd-mode: off.

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