Anybody catch the season premiere of Entourage on Sunday? What? Yeah, it’s a bro-show, but it’s pretty funny. Whatever. Anyways, the opening scene reminded us that one of our favorite ATLiens has a new album dropping soon and you can stream the whole thing for free on his myspace right now. We’ve been waiting a loooong time for this one [Ever since our ear’s first got a taste of Royal Flush over a year ago. That track’s so sick, but won’t be on the new record because it features Andre 3000 which technically makes it an OutKast song and means that people would get their panties all in a bind over contract blah blahs] We’ve listened to Sir Luscious Left Foot a couple times through already and its pretty raw. Most of it is pretty distant from the Big Boi tracks of old in the OutKast days, but dude still knows how to throw down. Check out a couple choice nugs below and listen to the whole thing here.

Big Boi – Royal Flush [mp3]
Big Boi – Shutterbug [mp3]

Sir Luscious Left Foot comes out July 6th. Club jamz.

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