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Oh baby baby we sure got our kicks last week when our Florida-faves, Jacuzzi Boys, rolled through town and blew up Glenn Danzig’s House. We’re thinking everyone else had a pretty killer time too. I mean, how could you not? Funstix? PUJOL? Turbo Fruits? Jacuzzi Boys? For only five bones? You gotta be kidding me. If you missed out on this one — you missed out on one of the best ones. We overheard someone say these at the conclusion of Jacuzzi’s set:

“I think that’s my favorite music ever.”

Sweet. Anyways, we had a whole slew of photographers at the show [film pics courtesy of Bekah Cope — digis thanks to Emily Quirk] Check em!



Alexa Sullivant

Alexa Sullivant

Alexa Sullivant


Alexa Sullivant

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Alexa Sullivant


Alexa Sullivant

Alexa Sullivant

Alexa Sullivant

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Alexa Sullivant

Alexa Sullivant

Thanks for coming bebes. PRECIATE IT. What would we be if we didn’t address the situation at hand though? Read on if you want…

So let’s just put it out there I guess….

via The Spin [Emily B. Hines of Nashville Scene]

Our attempt to see the Jacuzzi Boys started out smoothly enough. We arrived at Glenn Danzig’s House around 9, to find the cinderblock performance space already crowded and Daniel Pujol setting up to play. (We’d missed one opening band, Funstix.) The crowd skewed young, skinny-jeaned and bemulleted. With their circular melodies and fast-paced, sinuous basslines, Pujol’s band has a strong Strokes vibe (while also reminding us at times of The Jam). They played such songs as “Endless Night Mike” and “Keeper of Atlantis” that occupy a crowd-pleasing point between sloppily authentic punk and polished, Against Me!-style pop punk. By the time they finished with a long jam/extended outro, it was even hotter inside than out.

We joined the crowd outside for some parking lot drinking, and returned in time for Turbo Fruits, playing as a four-piece. They played a set of fast, exciting and danceable garage rock, with songs that featured clever changes in time and meter that held the listener’s attention and kept things un-formulaic. The crowd of enthusiastic dancers at the front clearly agreed.

Nevertheless, standing in a 90-degree cinderblock room with 100 sweaty people began to take its toll on us. So we decided to duck outside for some fresh air … and that’s when it all went wrong. As we approached the exit, a Glenn Danzig House resident stopped us: “Hey. We’re trying not to have people leave while the bands are playing. You can’t leave until the set is over.”

Our Companion (genuinely curious): Why?

Resident: “Oh. Well, the neighbors have complained. It’s loud when you open the door when the bands are playing.”

Us: “Yes, but it seems as if … I mean, we’re not going to leave the door open.”

At this point some women came in, and we observed, “Hey look, the door’s open! We’ll just go out now.”

“Yeah, well don’t bother coming back in.”

Puzzled, we joined the group of people standing in the yard. Had we really been kicked out of Glenn Danzig’s House for walking through an already-open door? Was there any way to salvage our goal of seeing Miami garage-psych prodigies Jacuzzi Boys? The short answer: no.

At one point, the Resident asked pleadingly, “If I give you back your money, will you just leave?” We observed that we hadn’t paid to get in because we were writing this up for the paper. “This wasn’t supposed to be written up in the Scene!” he responded. “We don’t want it, we don’t need it! We have an underground network!”

We took this as our cue to leave.

We’ve received lots of feedback about this article that was printed in the Nashville Scene and feel like we should just put something out there so we can stop dealing with it. Sorry if we sound a little miffed about it —- but believe us —– you would be too. Anyways, here’s something we wrote about it a couple days ago….

Firstly of all, we at the Deadquarters and Glenn Danzig’s House would like to thank everyone who came out to the show and had fun and got to see a killer show. Because it was killer.

We believe in throwing sick shows for cheap and for the kids. That doesn’t mean we don’t want the older crowd there, that doesn’t mean we don’t want the Nashville Scene there, it just means that we’re trying to help things grow. Glenn Danzig’s House and Nashville’s Dead have both been around for less than a year. We like to think that we’ve done a pretty good job in that time [just to list a few bands that’ve played Danzig’s house: Jacuzzi Boys, Strange Boys, Liquor Store, The Beets, Crusaders of Love, Ex Humans, Ty Segall, Woven Bones, Yussuf Jerusalem, Mantles, Useless Eaters, Bass Drum of Death, Scapegoat, Failures, Cheap Time, JEFF the Brotherhood, Beach Fossils, Terrible Twos, Grooms, Bad Sports, Turbo Fruits, Natural Child, Heavy Cream, Cannomen, PUJOL, Syrian Nukes Over Disneyland, So Jazzy, The Looking Glass, Symptoms, Brainkiller, Modern Hell, Denney & The Jets, Cy Barkley, etc. — and each show has only been $5] We will keep doing shows and we will keep having rules, because you gotta have rules. If it means anything to anybody, there were at least ten attendees of the show that were under the age of 17, and they weren’t boozing and they were just there because they wanted to see a sweet show. That kind of means a lot to us. It’s sucky and unfortunate that the altercation occurred, and it’s sucky that all people can get now is the he-say she-say. There are lots of different sides of the story, and we’ve heard most of them. The thing we keep coming back to though is —- it happened and it’s over and let’s have fun. Do you bebes wanna keep having fun? Then let’s just do what we do and try to keep our heads on. Glenn Danzig’s House is not a real venue. There’s no sound guy or bar or security or overhead or blah blah blah, there is just two dudes running it and doing their best. And they don’t make a penny off any of the shows they have [in fact, they probably lose a little bit of money so we can have fun —- but they do it for da keedz] So when lots of people show up and are in the house, extra rules may need to be put into action to insure that things don’t get too wild and busted —- so we can keep doing what we’re doing. We think anyone can get down with that.

Anyways, Jacuzzi Boys killed it, they are the best dudes and they will be back again [so don’t worry, The Spin, you will get your chance to catch them sometime] Until then, we’ll see you at the shows! But, just as a word of advice, check with the venue or promoter before coming in without paying —- or atleast buy some merch!


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