This Saturday, May 1, would’ve been bad boy’s 30th birthday. Not many days go by where we don’t think about Jay. We’ve probably listened to Blood Visions at least once a week since it came out [still rips too] and it’s only fitting that there be some sort of gathering to remember him by this Saturday. There’s going to be a free party in Memphis this Saturday with 10 bands and if you’ve got the space in your car, we’ll gladly hop in. It kicks off around 4 in the afternoon at the Poplar Lounge. Get at it.

:: Girls of the Gravitron
:::: Cheap Time
:::::: Oscars
:::::::: Vile Nation
:::::::::: True Sons of Thunder
:::::::::::: Burning Sands
:::::::::::::: Sector Zero
:::::::::::::::: Flamin’ A’s
:::::::::::::::::: Hosoi Bros
:::::::::::::::::::: vi
@ Poplar Lounge
$FREE – All Ages – 4PM

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