You know, we usually don’t get down or talk too much about all the singer-songwritery dudes in Nashville because… well… there are just too many. It’s Nashville. I mean, pretty much every table-server or cook in this town is trying to make it big. Right? Well, we’ve been hearing the name Evan P Donohue nonstop for the last couple weeks and we figured we’d check it out. It’s pretty killer. Not exactly the type of thing you’d expect us to gush about, but the dude knows how to write a pop song and he’s got a pretty stellar voice. Just so happens that there’s a free listening party at The Belcourt tonight for his brand new album Rhythm & Amplitude [That’s the artwork up there] Get on it mamis! Dude look-a like-a Elviz Costello but new!

Evan P Donohue – Something Good [mp3]
Evan P Donohue – Endless Cadence [mp3]

:: Evan P Donohue Listening Party
@ Belcourt Theater
$FREE – All Ages – 10PM

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