Richmond’s Southside Stranglers [feat. Kenny and Brandon from Government Warning —- this really shouldn’t get pigeonholed as a “side project” though. Its too good for “side project” standards] put out their debut 7″ Too Much TV on Grave Mistake and Vicious Circle earlier this year and we’ve been blown away. I mean, pretty much anything Brandon touches is worthwhile. That dude’s in every good band in Richmond [We’ll go ahead and apologize to you if you’re in a Richmond band and Brandon’s not in it. Sorry] They’ve got a nice demo cassette out there too, but good luck finding it. Word on the street is that the boys are rolling through Nashville in early May. No confirmation yet, but keep your eyes peeled and run your record player into the ground with their new 7″ in anticipation.

Southside Stranglers – Too Much TV [mp3]

Scoop the 7″ here.

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  1. SL says:

    I’m ecstatic

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