Yeah yeah, it’s been like a week since the Screaming Females show happened but we just got the film back and —- who makes the rules? We do! For serious though, we could’ve gotten these photos months after the show and we’d still have to put them up because they rule. And there’s like a million of them. We’d just like to say a few things about this show before we dive into the whole slowing-your-computer-down-with-a-million-photos-thing. We are pretty certain this was the first show that’s ever happened at The End where people crowdsurfed during the first band [Given it was Daniel Pujol playing, that shouldn’t be too surprising] We also think it’s probably the first JEFF set where there was LITERALLY someone in the air the entire time [Of course, inflatable bodies count… Oh, shit, that happened at Infinity Cat Night ‘o9 too. Whatevskies] And it was definitely the first time anyone has climbed the bar at The End and played atop it. You really did yourself a terrible misfortune if you didn’t go to this show. OH AND THEY PLAYED “THE TROPICS” WIH KING MIKE FROM SCREAMING FEMALES! ALL THESE PHOTOS, WELL BAYBEE THEY FROM BEKAH COPE. SHE’S OUR MAIN BABE DOIN THE DAMN THING ON THE REG. YEAHHHHHHH. IT’S A TENNESSEE THANG!




He's the definition of a "solid dude"”]


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