Oh man, tonight is seriously getting at our guts. Do we go see our dream babe, Beth, at The Basement tonight while she plays with Times New Viking? Or do we go down to The End and watch Nail Hamburger make stand-up comedy roll over in it’s grave again and again? Either way, we’ve got a tough decision to make tonight. Tomorrow’s choice is a little easier [we’ll talk about that in a minute] Get out tonight! Enjoy the dirty snow and the slush!

:: Times New Viking
:::: Heavy Cream
:::::: The Ocelots
@ The Basement
$8 – 21+ – 9PM


:: Neil Hamburger
:::: Major Entertainment Mike H
:::::: Chris Crofton
@ The End
$10 – 18+ – 9PM

I’ve got a hunch we’re gonna be rocking and rolling tonight…

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