Been slip slidin’ all day on the outsides in our sled, but we decided to take a little break and found out that our buddy Daniel Pujol upped his new 7″ online and you can check it out for THIS WEEKEND ONLY! Here’s what he had to say:

yo. this is the PUJOL 7″ im doing with infinity cat. it will be up all weekend at enjoy and come to the show with all our bands are belong to us. its has me, potato joe scala, sean to the wall thompson, and greg deathmask meredith. did it with jake and bob in the orrall office. peace out.

Daniel Pujol?

Go and get on that digi-digi-tip. While you’re at it, we noticed that those jazzy babes upped some new tunes [“Madi Diaz” is gonna be stuck in our heads all week] Check them out here. Oh, and both bands are playing Exit/In for the Infinity Cat Rock the Block on Tuesday Feb. 2nd. Much more on that later though.

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