3-4-5 THAT'S MY NUMBER [GET IT? 3 45s?]

JTBThree new 7″s are slated to come out later this spring: one from JTB, one from Mr. Pujol, and one from your favorite Kindygarten Circus. JEFF’s new 7″ doesn’t feature any new songs, not that it really matters since it does have “The Tropics” and “U Got the Look” on it. The other thing about this one is that it’s their first overseas release, and they’ll only have 50 copies stateside [out of a pressing of 500] Collectors get ready!


We know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t Daniel Pujol just put out a cassette?” Yes, he did, and it rules. But now he’s putting out a 7″ that should be out in mid-March featuring 3 songs [2 new ones] We think it’s going to be called PUJOL 2010 and will look something pretty Mad Max-y, like that picture up there. This one’s an Infinity Cat release [duh] Get in touch with your inner Pujol here.

Rounding out the slew of new, Kindergarten Circus recorded a new 7″ over the Krimmuh break and we heard a little sneak peak and can vouch for it’s gnarly-ness. They even brought in James Leg from Black Diamond Heavies for a little help. The 7″ should feature two songs and be out sometime this spring. We think. Twin Evils. Stoked.

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