Let’s talk about Bare Wires for a little bit. Three dudes [Paul, Nathan, and Matthew] from Oakland, CA making some real jangly punk rock. We were going to try and describe these guys to you, but someone already summed it up pretty perfectly…

“….Bare Wires is a move away from Melton’s “Biker-Psych” to something that they call “Smooth Punk” (I’m not lying). They even call it “Soft Punk”. Can you believe this shit??? This is the world we live in now. Soft Punk. FUCK. Embarrassingly, I even understand exactly what they are talking about…and it works. SHIT. It’s good. ”

– Z-Gun

The boys have had a couple 7″s come out recently with Tic Tac Totally, and are heading out on a big spring tour starting in February. It’ll bring them to Tennessee for a couple dates [back-to-back in Memphis, but we’re gonna try and talk the boys into coming here one of those nights instead.] They’re good buddies with Mayor of Memphis, Jay Reatard, who actually mastered that track in the video down there.

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