One time I was in Brooklyn and I saw Monotonix at the Siren Music Festival and it was probably one of the more crazy shows I’ve been too, but the whole time I thought how much better they would be in a club. Sure, it’s great for bands and festivals make for great photo-ops, but big crowds like the one at Siren kinda kill the concert experience for me. Especially when we saw them a couple years ago at Springwater and they blew our guts out. Plus their guitarist kept on elbowing me in the face at Siren. The last time they rolled through our fair city was no exception to the havoc their known for causing. They split a bill with hometown heros Silver Jews [Dave Berman, if you read this, please know that you mean more to me than you’ll ever know. Never know.] You remember that show. Go see them and welcome back Turbo Fruits from a hearty tour.

:: Monotonix
:::: JEFF the Brotherhood
:::::: Turbo Fruits
@ Exit/In
$12 – 18+ – 9PM

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