Oh man, we thought we’d lost these guys for good last summer when they were playing their “final shows” and Max and John up and left for god knows what. Thank Moses that Deluxin’ is back in action once again with a new lineup [featuring Sean from Gnarwhal and Glenn from Cole’s cloning lab, just kidding Glenn and Cole] They were supposed to play at Willy’s house show a little while back, but things were ended a bit too abruptly for everyone to get their sets in. The good news is that you can catch the boys this weekend at Little Hamilton with Lazy Magnet [The Rhode Island boys who brought you Is Music Even Good? Check out a video of them here.] Evil Spirits & Nothing Berry Plasma [two no-wave weirdo bands from Baltimore] along with locals CrAow and The Grappler. Yeah! As always, you can head over to SAFG for a better write-up on this.

Saturday October 3rd

:: Lazy Magnet
:::: Evil Spirits
:::::: Nothing Berry Plasma
:::::::: CrAow
:::::::::: The Grappler
:::::::::::: Deluxin’
@ Little Hamilton
$5 – All Ages – 8PM

Do your ears a favor and pick up Black/White [Deluxin’s full length] here.

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  1. Reid says:

    loved Lazy Magnet at INC last febuary


  2. Nathan says:

    he's not coming anymooore…

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