We’re still just putting around Glenn Danzig’s getting all the final touches taken care of. Meaning: we don’t really have a lot of time to be blag-a-blagging today. Sorry. But! We would like to share two of our favorite bands with you…


Dunebuggy is the mindchild of Ryan Garbes [Wet Hair] and Taterbug. It might be the most fun thing we’ve found to listen to in a while. Imagine if two old ghosts got a hold of some drums and a sweet keyboard. Now imagine that they love to cover classics like “Wild Thing” and “Louie Louie” but they don’t really know how so they just mash it all together. Now you’ve got it! They’ve got a cassette out on Night People, which you can pick up right here. It’s really great. Don’t expect a Dunebuggy tour anytime soon, or for them to come through Nashville. Just pick up the cassette and wishful think your way to sleep.

Dunebuggy – Money Honey [mp3]


Canada, sometimes you are so good to us. First Base are from Toronto, but they sound like they’re from forever ago. When the music was REAL! That’s just a joke. Kind of. That picture up there is the artwork from the I’ve Got A Girl 7″ which came out a while ago on Pizza Party Records. Personal & The Pizzas even covered one of their songs on their Brass Knuckles 7″. Shit man, someone get us to a beach party right now. Or after tonight.

Oh, and happy birthday BOSS

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