So yesterday before the Life Trap/Male Nurses/Spanish Candles/Kintaro show, we were hanging out with the Bostonian punks and figured: You know what bands love to do before playing a show? Get interviewed by some kids! We sat down with them and shared some words, but we didn’t have a recorder or anything so this transcription is basically from memory. They probably didn’t say any of this at all. Anyways….

Nashville’s Dead: Male Nurses, huh?

Male Nurses: You got it.

From Boston, MA?

From Boston, MA.

You know, Nashville’s hardcore scene is really not as strong as it used to be. I mean, most of the “hardcore” bands here are just metal. Not really hardcore.

Boston rules.

What’s it like there?

Phenomenal. Boston’s better than every other city. Boston’s the best. Yeah, Boston’s doing relatively well these days. [please realize this is an interview with ALL of them]

Cool, well, what other bands do you guys like?

Brainkiller, Social Circkle, Waste Management, Henchmen, Foreign Blow-J’s. That band’s still around?


Actually, Boston has a lot of bands going right now. There’s a wave of bands right now that have defunct and started up new bands. Like Scapegoat.

Scapegoat rules. How long have you guys been around?

Year and half. Year abouts.

Were you guys friends before starting the band or did you just meet through the “scene”?

Yeah, pretty much all friends. We met PJ and Ryan (who couldn’t be here because he flew back home yesterday on a plane for some reason) through the “scene”. We’ve been in bands before and stuff

Is this the first tour for Male Nurses?

It is.

What other cities have you guys hit?

We’ve play cities in Connecticut, Brooklyn, Albany. This tour, we started out in Brooklyn and got there too late. We decided to play darts and played too long and got there to the show too late. We treid to pickup some chicks from France and got pretty close. We went to Philly and stayed at Tonio’s parents and his mom found about his Flipper tattoo and freaked out. We pretty much based the tour around Tonio getting circumcised; as a gift to him that his parents didn’t give him. We played a Philly show with like 3 bands, this band Daily Void who are really big. They served some Schmidt at the bar. It’s some obscure beer. Then we went back to Tonio’s abode and his mom made us pancakes and because of that we were late for our show in Roanoke. And we were all busy beating off so, you know. Tonio’s up to 11 now, and PJ is in second.

Real inside scoop here.

Guess so. After Roanoke, we ventured off into the abyss of Asheville. There were some people who promised us acid and didn’t give it to us.

Asheville is hippy central. How many white people with dreds did you see?

A ton. Like 14 or 15.

Yeah. Have you guys got any recordings out?

We’ve got a demo tape out and we plan to record as soon as we get back form tour on Deranged Records. Name drop.

Yeah, we’ll be sure to link to that.

We’re based in America.


We’ve taken two nude photos. One in front of a waterfall and the other in front of a beautiful landscape in Tennessee. There were a few cars parked there and they all left. Scared of our penises. Cowards. “I’ve never seen a bigger coward in my life.” Put that in there in quotations.

Will do. Yeah, STSCy told us all about you guys.

Cy, good man. Yeah, we’re looking forward to playing with Life Trap and the other bands on the roster.

MALE NURSES (L to R): Standing: PJ [drums], Con [lead guitar],
Nick [sings], Dave [bass] Kneeling: Garrett [drive/filling in on guitar],
Tonio [circumcised]
Male Nurses are still on tour and might be coming to your city. Find out here. They’re cool dudes and like good movies, so party hard with them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you fucking serious? You guys got thrown on that Brooklyn show last minute as a favor to Garbage Strike, then show up THREE HOURS after you were supposed to go on because you were "playing darts" then throw a crybaby tantrum when you can't play. Ridiculous. Go back to the suburbs babies.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    fuck you. if you didnt give 2 shits about em you wouldnt be looking this shit up, bashing on them cos whatever band your in (if your in one) sucks horribly. noones bitchin SWEETIE. your either in those egotiscical buttholes "unholy goat fucker," or prolly that fat slob bitch who gave them crap about being late. have fun being gross, UGLY

  4. Anonymous says:

    what are you talking about they just said they showed up late. weirdos

  5. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha prehysteria was a real treat to watch that nite. a pure rustic gem from my past. and fuck that broad talking trash like shes cool. go choke on a pud, hun

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Acne Blog says:

    as spokesperson extraordinaire of male nurses we do not condone or support the unruly behavior mentioned by whomever in the above comments.. thank you and good night.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That's cool, because the "fat bitch" you were talking shit on happens to be really good friends with the guy who booked you to play next week, not to mention a lot of other punx in Boston in NYC.

    Its good you got your interview edited. Shit talking in print is great way to burn bridges.

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